What to Look for When Hiring an Attorney

Hiring an attorney is never a decision you want to make lightly.  A special relationship is formed when you hire an attorney—one that the law protects with its highest standards.  Your lawyer has strict duties to protect you and advocate on your behalf.  Whether you hire me and our Sugar Land law firm, or you decide to hire another lawyer, you must feel comfortable and confident with your choice.  An often overlooked portion of any attorney or lawyer’s title is “… and counselor at law.”  This is a duty that I take to heart and bring to each and every client I represent.

Given that most people are not just randomly searching the internet for an attorney, and instead are typically in a highly emotional state, the question becomes: “How do I know if this guy (or gal) and this firm is the right one for me!?”  This post is designed with that question in mind, and is my attempt to give you an insight into who I am and why you can feel confident having me represent you.


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