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“Knowing you could lose your hard-earned assets, if they are not protected, can be terrifying. Let Romano & Sumner help you protect your assets, your loved ones, and yourself.”

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Asset protection reduces your lawsuit profile while still maintaining control by implementing strategies that use a variety of techniques, entities, and trusts.

Once your asset protection plan is in place you will no longer be an easy target. While you cannot completely prevent a lawsuit, a well-designed asset protection plan can put you in the driver’s seat to negotiate a favorable settlement. The following are important things to consider with your asset protection lawyer:

  • Reasons for Asset Protection Planning
  • Why You Should Not Wait to Hire a Knowledgeable Asset Protection Attorney
  • Goal of Asset Protection
  • Who Needs Asset Protection?

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The attorneys at Romano & Sumner can help you avoid the loss of assets through litigation.


Reasons for Asset Protection Planning

What is the likelihood that you might get sued? Most of the 70,000 civil lawsuits filed every day in America target small business owners and medical professionals. Lawsuits against small businesses, professionals and others presumed to have deep pockets have become more numerous in recent years as people lose their jobs, homes and other assets that require cash payments.

Often people see professionals and business owners as “insurance” for success. Business men and women are expected to provide the perfect product, and professionals are expected to provide a perfect outcome. When expectations meet reality it results in negligence claims, errors and omissions claims, malpractice lawsuits, punitive damage claims, and judgments.

You are permitted by law to build a defense against seizure of your personal and business assets by creditors. However, if you do not build that defense, then the law permits those creditors to seize your property.


Don't Wait to Hire a Knowledgeable Asset Protection Attorney

With sound professional guidance, high risk professionals and business people can implement defenses against future lawsuits. By working within the system, and taking advantage of specific legal and financial techniques, you can protect your hard-earned assets and future earnings. However, these techniques only work if you put them in place ahead of time. Once a lawsuit has been filed, even if it is reasonably anticipated, it is already too late.


Goal of Asset Protection

The main goal of asset protection is to avoid the loss of assets through litigation. Asset protection accomplishes this goal by:

  • Deterring Litigation. A contingency fee lawyer may think twice about taking a case that is easy to win, but that will require him to wait for years to get to your assets to collect his 40%.
  • Providing Incentives for Early and Inexpensive Settlement. They can sue you, and if they win, they will have a judgment. But your assets are protected and they will never collect. Will they accept 5 cents on the dollar? You better believe it!
  • Causing your Opponents to Work Harder and Get Less. First, they will have to win their case against you. Next, they will have to take you to a debtor’s exam to locate your assets. Finally, they will have to try to collect, and they will not be able to. Do they really want to work that hard to never really be rewarded, or will they be interested in settling for 5 cents on the dollar?

Who Needs Asset Protection?

In today’s difficult economic times, hiring an asset protection planning lawyer is especially important for:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • Doctors, dentists, accountants, lawyers, and financial planners.
  • Corporate directors and officers.
  • Real estate developers and real estate brokers.
  • Owners of real estate

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Having the right Sugar Land asset protection attorney from the beginning will save in the end. For a free initial consultation with experienced Asset Protection lawyers in Sugar Land, please call us at 281 242-0995 or contact our Sugar Land law offices.

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