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The city of Houston has it all – a powerhouse economy, two million friendly citizens (plus twice as many in the suburbs), sunny weather, and the vibrancy and excitement of urban life. All of these advantages are combined with a laid-back atmosphere that can tempt you to forget that you’re right in the middle of the fourth-largest metropolis in the United States.

Houston’s economy is astonishingly large – with an aggregate GDP of over $500 billion in the metro area, the Houston municipal economy is larger than the economies of entire countries, such as Iran, Thailand, and Austria. The Port of Houston alone carries more foreign tonnage than any other port in the United States, greatly stimulating local business activity. With all of that wealth passing through public and private hands, conflict is bound to erupt – and it frequently does.

Civil Litigation in Houston

When lawsuits are filed seeking either money damages or court order, the busy Houston judicial system attempts to resolve these disputes fairly – and the civil litigation attorneys at Romano & Sumner spring into action on behalf of our clients. A good trust and estates lawyer must be experienced, educated, fearless, aggressive, meticulous, strategic, and, above all, zealous and principled in defense of the client’s interests. The Houston civil litigation attorneys have carefully honed these exact qualities over decades of combined litigation experience.

Under the Houston judicial system, a lawsuit is more like a boxing match than a high school debate – the two sides slug it out mercilessly, while the judge acts as a referee most of the time. Just as it would not be a good idea to enter a boxing ring without proper training and preparation, it would not be a good idea to participate in a lawsuit without the legal skills necessary to achieve victory.

Unfortunately, many a litigant has discovered too late that the “good guy” doesn’t always win in court. Instead, the side that most effectively presents its case often wins, even when justice favors the other side. This harsh reality is exactly why you need the experienced civil litigation attorneys at Romano & Sumner to fight for you – justice and victory can go hand in hand, but only if you insist upon it.

Effective lawyers understand that clients come into a lawyer’s office with individualized concerns, and that case fact patterns are as unique as human fingerprints. One client, for example, may prefer to preserve his business relationship with the other litigant even after litigation, while another may prefer a “scorched earth” policy in order to deter future litigation.

We are committed to seeking an individualized solution to your particular litigation needs, along with a sound legal strategy to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Our most important job is listening carefully to your concerns so that we can fully understand your ideal outcome.

Our Practice Areas

At Romano & Sumner, we have accumulated significant experience in a wide variety of cases. Nevertheless, our litigation team tends to focus on estate law, probate, guardianship and business litigation. Our main practice areas include:

  • Probate: Removal and replacement of estate executors
  • Probate: Life insurance disputes
  • Probate: Ex-spouse beneficiary disputes
  • Probate: Joint tenancy disputes
  • Probate: Retirement account disputes
  • Will Contests: Undue influence
  • Will Contests: Testamentary capacity
  • Will Contests: Forgeries
  • Will Contests: Fraud
  • Will Contests: Improper execution
  • Will Contests: Outdated wills
  • Will Contests: Interpretation of ambiguous intentions
  • Trusts: Fraud
  • Trusts: Removal/replacement of trustee
  • Trusts: Trustee breach of duty
  • Guardianships: Contested guardianships
  • Guardianships: Removal/replacement of guardian
  • Guardianships: Defending a challenge to guardianship
  • Business Litigation: Partnership disputes
  • Business Litigation: Shareholder disputes
  • Business Litigation: Breach of contract
  • Business Litigation: Contract disputes
  • Business Litigation: Non-compete agreements

Talk to the Experts

If you feel the need to file a lawsuit, or if you have been dragged into one by someone else, please contact a Houston civil litigation attorney at Romano & Sumner at your first available opportunity. Even if you are not anticipating a lawsuit, we will be happy to answer your questions (how to draft a contract to avoid future litigation, for example).

We offer our prospective clients an initial consultation free of charge, during which time you will have the opportunity to explain your circumstances to us and ask us questions about your case. No matter if you need a Houston contract litigation lawyer, a civil litigation attorney, or probate lawyers to assist you in a legal matter we have the experience you need.  We will listen carefully to what you have to say, ask you some questions of our own, and help you explore your legal options. Please contact us online or call us to get the process started today.

The trial attorneys at Romano & Sumner have experience in handling a variety of civil litigation matters.

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