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Every member of our Texas law office understands that when people hire Sugar Land estate litigation attorneys, they are often in the middle of an already stressful situation. Usually, people seek the help of an attorney to find a solution to their problem. At Romano & Sumner, we not only provide our clients with efficient and effective legal solutions but also with a team that cares truly about them and doesn’t simply go through the motions. Our litigation lawyers strive to give our clients not only high-quality legal services but also the reassurance they want and deserve. For over a decade, the Texas law offices of Romano & Sumner have provided excellent legal assistance to our clients.


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The Sugar Land probate & estate planning legal team at Romano & Sumner is at your service. We take the stress out of hiring an estate attorney. We offer reliable advice and representation in legal matters including, but not limited to:

Texas Estate Planning

At Romano & Sumner, we believe that everyone should seek to provide for the future of their loved ones through effective estate planning. A competent estate plan can offer you peace of mind. It can lessen the burden of confusion and conflict that your family might otherwise have to go through while they are grieving the loss of their loved one – you.

Estates vary drastically in terms of size and complexity. Appropriate estate planning should take into account both personal and financial goals, as well as tax considerations. Planning an estate is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, in which the final outcome must factor in many different areas of law, including wills, probate, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives.

Our Testimonials
Clayton E.
I highly recommend Paul and Kenny. They took the time to really listen to my problem and offer solutions. They always replied to emails, and called back quickly. They were highly professional and their fees are reasonable. If you are.
Edwina D.
“I worked and continue to do so with Kenny Sumner. My relationship with him started with the company I worked for and extended on a personal basis as I am currently venturing out with a new business. He was very.

Hiring a Sugar Land Trust and Estates Lawyer

We enjoy over three decades of combined experience offering estate planning services to our clients. We have learned to reject the approach used by “cookie-cutter” law firms that apply a standard legal formula to estate planning while ignoring their clients’ individual needs and concerns. Every client is different, every estate is different, and our work reflects this reality.

You are more than a case number to us. We will respond to your phone calls within 24 hours, and we will keep you “in the loop” on the progress of your case. More than anything else, we will lay it on the line for you. We will discuss issues with you frankly and honestly, without any of the incomprehensible “legalese” that so many lawyers seem to pride themselves on.

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