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Whether you are starting, growing, buying, or selling a business, there are legal considerations involved. If you are starting a new business, you need to select the legal entity structure that will provide the control and flexibility you require while also providing adequate protection for you and your co-founders. If you are growing a business, you need contracts that give you enforceable legal rights while limiting your liability exposure. If you are buying or selling a business, you need to make sure that the deal terms are all there, and that you will not run into any surprises after signing on the dotted line.

At Romano & Sumner, as proven Sugar Land Business lawyers, we understand these issues from the business owner’s mentality. We know what it takes to protect businesses and their owners, and we also know when enough is enough. We have represented companies of all sizes at all stages of the business lifecycle, and our attorneys have over 20 years of combined experience in both transactional matters and litigation.

The best, and typically the most cost-effective, way to protect your business and personal assets is to take a proactive approach to the legal issues involved. Setting up a legal entity before you go into business, registering your trademarks, negotiating with vendors – these are all things that need to be done in case something goes wrong. We understand that business matters are often time-sensitive, and we make ourselves available to our business clients so that we can resolve their legal issues without letting them get in the way of getting business done.

Forming a Business

When you are starting a business in Sugar Land, you need a new business lawyer to guide you through the process. Get your business off to a good start by developing a solid foundation at the time of formation. From choosing the proper business entity to drafting the operating agreement, the experienced business formation attorneys at Romano & Sumner can help you.

LLC vs. Corporation

Even if an individual will be the sole owner of their company, there are still a variety of reasons to operate under a legal entity structure. Among the most important is limiting personal liability. If a company forms and manages an LLC or corporation and then gets sued, it will be the company’s assets – instead of personal assets – that are at risk in the litigation.

Forming a Business Online

While it is possible to pay a small fee to an online service provider to prepare Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation for a business, this is generally not going to be the best idea. As a business formation lawyer can attest, there is much more to forming a company than filling out a few simple online forms. Maximizing the benefits of forming an LLC or corporation is something to discuss with an experienced business attorney.

Business Contracts

There once was a time when deals were done with a handshake and a promise. Those days have long since passed. If you want to make sure your rights are protected before you sign on the dotted line, you should contact the Sugar Land business attorneys. Our business law litigators will assist you by reviewing contracts that have been presented to you or by drafting contracts your business can use to safely cement a deal with a third party.

Employment Agreements

There is nothing more detrimental to a small business than an unproductive employee that cannot be terminated. Give your business a way out by specifically defining expectations for new hires in a well-drafted employment agreement.

Buying or Selling a Business

You know how to negotiate the deal, but how do you put the deal in writing? Whether it is time to sell or you are looking to buy, having a knowledgeable Sugar Land business lawyer will help you make informed, smart decisions about your business.

Our Business Law Services

Our experienced business law professionals provide the following services to entrepreneurs and business owners in the greater Sugar Land area:

Business Formations

When choosing between legal entity structures, there are several important factors that should guide your decision. As skilled and respected Sugar Land business formation lawyers, we help clients thoroughly assess issues such as personal liability, share transferability, and tax obligations so that they can make informed decisions about forming limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, partnerships, and other special-purpose legal entities.

Negotiating Business Contracts

Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting and negotiating a wide range of business and commercial contracts. Whether you are seeking to finance, negotiating with a supplier or customer, or preparing to enter into any other business relationship, we can help make sure that your company is protected and that the agreement accurately reflects the terms of the deal.

Employment Agreements

When taking on new employees, it is crucial to set clear expectations and preserve the right to terminate employment in the event that issues arise. At the same time, to attract top talent, companies must offer attractive compensation structures and opportunities for advancement. We help companies in Sugar Land draft and negotiate employment agreements that provide the necessary protections and satisfy the requirements of Texas and federal law.

Buying or Selling a Business

We represent buyers and sellers in business acquisitions, handling the entire process from due diligence to closing. With significant litigation experience, our business law attorneys know how to identify issues that can lead to trouble, and we take a detail-oriented approach that focuses on maximizing value for our clients while appropriately limiting their liability exposure.

Does Texas have At-Will Employment?

In Texas, companies can hire employees “at will.” However, companies can also use employment agreements, and using an agreement is the best way to ensure that the business has the rights and protections it needs when it comes to terminating or resolving a dispute with an employee.

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