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Beneficiary disputes can be complicated. To ensure that your rights are being upheld and that the dispute is handled appropriately, contact an assertive estates attorney to act as your advocate.

A Richmond beneficiary disputes lawyer can explain your options for challenging a beneficiary designation, whether it is related to life insurance, retirement accounts, or negotiations with an ex-spouse. Understanding your legal rights is the first step toward an effective resolution to your case.

How a Beneficiary is Designated

A beneficiary is designated in non-testamentary contracts. This person will receive the life insurance or retirement payout upon the death of the holder. The assets in this type of contract are considered “non-testamentary” because they are not controlled by the will, and neither is the person receiving the policy benefits.

There are several ways a beneficiary can be designated in different scenarios. For a life insurance designation, the beneficiary is typically named under the contract between the owner of the insurance policy and the insurance company. Similarly, the beneficiary of a retirement account is designated by the contract between the account holder and the retirement company.

Challenging a Beneficiary Designation in Richmond

A beneficiary can be challenged for a number of reasons, such as improper completion of the designation form or insufficient mental capacity to properly execute the beneficiary designation. Challenges can also involve the illegal actions of a third-party actor, such as duress, undue influence, fraud, or forgery. Additionally, beneficiary disputes in Richmond may be based on specific Texas community property laws, which a local attorney can explain.

Other examples of scenarios in which a beneficiary designation may be challenged include:

  • Claims that a designation of an ex-spouse is voided by the divorce
  • Claims by an insurance or retirement benefits company that the designation is unclear
  • Designations made by someone without sufficient mental capacity
  • Designations made by someone under the excessive influence of the designee
  • Cases where a beneficiary caused the death of the insured
  • Designations that violate a court order
  • Designations that attempt to transfer community property assets

As this non-exhaustive list demonstrates, challenges to a designation can take many different forms. If you think that you may have a beneficiary dispute claim, seek the advice of a skilled attorney in your area.

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Whether you are disputing a life insurance non-testamentary contract, challenging your ex-spouse as a beneficiary, or challenging a retirement account designation, a diligent legal professional can assist you in your case. The last thing you want to do after losing a loved one is enter a drawn-out legal dispute or have your rights taken advantage of.

If you are dealing with disputed beneficiary designations, you need expert guidance to ensure that you are adequately represented. A Richmond beneficiary disputes lawyer can aggressively defend your position and handle your case with efficiency and competence. Call our firm today to learn about our services and how they may benefit you in your beneficiary dispute.

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