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Unfortunately, the question of what happens to a deceased loved one’s assets and property is not always easy to answer. Even if your family member left a detailed will establishing their wishes, various disputes and disagreements can arise over whether the document is valid and enforceable, or whether the executor is performing their duties appropriately.

Whether you want resolve an estate dispute amicably, prevent one from occurring, or pursue litigation yourself, a qualified trusts & estates attorney at Romano & Sumner can help you achieve your goals quickly and effectively. Retaining one of our skilled Richmond estate litigation lawyers could put you in a much stronger position no matter what controversial circumstances you face.

Common Reasons for Estate Litigation in Richmond

One of the most frequent types of estate litigation are disagreements over the validity of a will, often due to changes made just before the decedent’s death or conditions that seem out of line with their prior wishes. If someone unduly influenced the alteration of a will, or if a testator was mentally unfit at the time that they created or modified their will, estate litigation may be necessary to ensure an equitable distribution of assets.

Another common scenario involves allegations that a decedent’s assets were interfered with prior to their passing or between their death and the beginning of the probate process. If the alleger can prove fraudulent behavior of an heir at law, named beneficiary, or executor, they may be able to alter the outcome of the asset distribution process even in ways that contradict the will. In any of these contested situations, advocacy from a nearby estate attorney is necessary to represent your side of the dispute.

Resolving Estate Disputes Without Going to Court

Not every disagreement over the terms of a will needs to progress into a prolonged and adversarial court fight. In many cases, the most beneficial solution is to avoid estate litigation by solving the central issue without filing a lawsuit.

In addition to helping contest the validity of a will or combat potential fraud, an experienced attorney may also help settle estate conflicts in Richmond through private mediation. If family members are willing to work together to find a mutual solution, estate litigation can be resolved through settlement negotiation. Generally, this option is much faster, cheaper, and less stressful than proceeding to trial.

Contact a Richmond Estate Litigation Attorney for Invaluable Support

Whether it proceeds in a courtroom or in private negotiations, estate litigation is a complex process that often involves many technical legal concepts and procedures. As such, resolving a conflict over a family member’s estate can be difficult for anyone who is not intimately familiar with trusts & estates law. Trying to raise an estate dispute for fraudulent behavior can be even more challenging without rigorous legal support.

A skilled Richmond estate litigation attorney can represent your interests and work tirelessly toward your desired case resolution. To discuss what may be possible in your situation, call the legal team at Romano & Sumner today.

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