Who has a fiduciary duty and what is a breach of fiduciary duty?

The executors and administrators of estates and trustees of trusts have a fiduciary duty to each beneficiary to be fair, impartial, and fully compliant in sharing the financial details of how the estate is to be settled or how the trust is being managed. Each beneficiary, on the other hand, has the right to fully understand how, and in what manner, the assets of the estate or trust are distributed and may demand an accounting when necessary. The importance of having an experienced estate litigation lawyer to advise you in these matters is essential.

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In many instances, the executor, administer or trustee is also a beneficiary. Under those circumstances, it is especially important to be sure that person acts impartially and does not use his role to benefit himself over other beneficiaries.

When executors, administrators and trustees misbehave or act negligently, they can be removed.

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