The 2017 Amendments to the Texas Durable Power of Attorney Act: Good News for Estate Planners

A durable power of attorney (“POA”) allows someone else, known as the “Agent”, to make certain decisions on your behalf (the “Principal”) including important decisions on medical treatment and financial…

You’ve written a will. Who has the right to see it?

Wills contain an enormous amount of sensitive information. If seen by unintended parties it could cause a mountain of headaches for the testator (the person making the testament, i.e., the…

5 Things Needed to Claim the Guardianship of an Elderly Parent

Main Takeaways: If you have a parent who you think is in need of guardianship, you’ll need to obtain a physician’s certificate or doctor’s letter. After an application is filed,…

Do you have a plan for serious injury or incapacity? 4 Steps to a Proper Estate Plan

When you are crafting your estate plan, how you will handle illness, injury, or death can prove to be a challenging decision. It’s vital to sit down with estate attorney…
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