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While it is challenging to lose a loved one, finding out that they cared about your life after their passing by including you in their will or trust as a beneficiary may provide you some comfort. Most of the time, beneficiaries receive the assets they are due without any problems. Sometimes, however, there may be a disagreement between the heirs named in the will.

If you need help navigating the obstacles keeping you from exercising all of your rights, you should reach out to a Sugar Land beneficiary dispute lawyer. The dedicated attorneys at Romano & Sumner have experience in estate litigation matters and can help you fight for your rights as a beneficiary.

What is a Beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a person who is named to receive a distribution from a will or trust after a testator passes away. With a will, a beneficiary gets specific property bequeathed to them by a testator. In the case of a trust, a beneficiary can receive both present and future interest in assets. If a beneficiary believes that someone has denied them access to property they rightfully deserve, a local legal advisor can help them work to recover those assets and resolve any disputes.

Rights of Beneficiaries in Sugar Land

Sugar Land beneficiaries have certain rights under Texas probate laws, including:

  • Being granted their promised share of the estate in a timely manner
  • Receiving up to date information regarding the estate and its assets
  • Receiving accounting from the executor when reasonably requested
  • Protection from an executor or estate administrator using the estate assets for their own personal purposes or gain
  • Receiving an inventory of the estate and its assets

If a beneficiary suspects the executor of a deceased loved one’s estate has violated one or more of these rights, a beneficiary dispute attorney can assist in fighting for their rights.

How Does a Trustee or Executor Violate a Beneficiary’s Rights?

A trustee or executor may violate a beneficiary’s rights through either negligence or intentional misconduct.

Negligence in the Administration

A trustee or executor may make unintentional mistakes in their management of an estate. These negligent errors often occur due to poor oversight, mismanagement, or lack of knowledge regarding an estate’s administration. A beneficiary should not lose their share of inheritance due to negligent estate management.

Intentional Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Trustees and executors are supposed to act in the best interests of the donor or testator and beneficiaries. When they abuse their position for personal gain, they are breaching their duty to the beneficiary.

A Sugar Land legal professional can investigate an estate’s management to see if the executor operated reasonably. They can check how responsive the trustee or executor has been regarding any questions or issues and may also review whether they have been timely with estate distributions, accounting, and reporting.

Possible Relief for Beneficiary Conflict

If an executor or trustee is violating a beneficiary’s rights, an attorney can help by:

  • Petitioning to remove the executor or trustee and appoint a successor
  • Petitioning for compulsory and immediate accounting
  • Bringing a lawsuit against the trustee or executor

A lawyer in the area can review the terms of the trust or will to see what assets the beneficiary was supposed to receive and provide advice on how to proceed with a dispute.

A Sugar Land Beneficiary Dispute Attorney Can Help After a Violation of Your Rights

If you believe that an estate administrator, trustee, or executor has denied you some of your rights as a beneficiary, it is essential to reach out for legal guidance as soon as possible.

Our legal team will work to help you receive what you deserve, whether through negotiation or litigation. Sugar Land beneficiary dispute lawyers understand the complexities of probate litigation and will advise you throughout every step of the process. Get in touch with Romano & Sumner today to set up an initial consultation.

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